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Please note: this product was designed to support the old ACT syllabus.  Webinars are no longer available as part of this course.

Time poor?  Can’t attend tuition or revision classes?  Struggling with the volume of material?  This package puts you in the classroom (and more), so you focus on what you need to know.  Choose from videos of a different tutors presenting tuition and revision.  Attempt questions and then watch a video debrief.  Get the notes and extensive question bank.  And attend webinars to tidy up the loose ends.  It’s all here:

  • Over 100 hours of indexed lectures.  MP4/HTML5 SD/HD video accessible via PC, Mac, tablets and phones given suitable players using a web connection
  • Complete recordings of the CertRM London tuition classes (Oct15 diet)
  • Complete recordings of the CertRM London revision classes (Oct15 diet)
  • pdf of the CertRM London Classroom Notes
  • pdf of the CertRM Question Bank
  • A video question bank
  • Access to your course is available for 180 days from enrolment
  • Recordings of numerous seminar style webinars

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Access period

30 days

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Student comments

Student Comments:

We now use Survey Monkey to ask students for their views on courses. You can see ALL their (unedited) responses via these links:

April 2016 exam (41 course attendees): click here

October 15 exam (26 course attendees): click here

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Some of these and other comments:

  • The benefit of seeing an answer develop is much greater than just looking at the final result.
  • I suggest using the pdf question banks, I found them useful, complete with all relevant information and many exercise for practice.
  • As I was studying for the exams in Canada and did not have the opportunity of attending classroom courses in the UK I found the Revision Course videos an excellent way to focus my revision work and improve my exam technique. It also made me feel part of a group striving to complete the challenge of passing the exams. Also as I am not being sponsored it was a very cost-effective way of experiencing the courses.
  • The materials are very comprehensive and once covered gives very good preparation for the exam.
  • Precise, syllabus tailored. Value for money lectures.

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