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Sarah Ardiles has helped thousands of ACCA students achieve success in their professional accountancy exams since 2005. While qualifying with Deloitte, she found her love for teaching and spent the first 8 years of her career working at Kaplan in London as a senior tutor, specialising in Financial Reporting. Since then she has worked for other major learning providers in the UK, such as BPP, BPP University and First Intuition and is a regular marker on a UK Professional body’s FR exam.

Sarah is passionate about making learning fun, engaging and above all simple. Her interactive study notes and clearly-presented videos are easy to understand and bring the Financial Reporting syllabus to life. With Sarah’s well-structured and comprehensive courses, alongside the personal support that she provides, passing FR will be both an achievable and enjoyable experience.

Sarah Ardiles’ Student Testimonials

Sarah, you really are the best ACCA tutor I have had. It is thanks to your dedication, depth of knowledge and excellent delivery that I passed FR. Thank you so much!
Mary Balogun

Thank you for being an amazing teacher Sarah! I really enjoyed your classes and you always went above and beyond to help us. Thank you!     
Inas Ibrahim

Just wanted to say thank you for the classes, I took so much from them and the way you explained things really helped me understand the more complex topics.
Adam Webb

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