Are you an independent Tutor looking for an online home?

FMELearnOnline offer you a cheap, efficient platform to offer high quality eLearning.  We support you and your students in your learning journey.

What sort of independent tutor uses us?  You’ll have excellent training skills: you’ve been in classroom training for a major professional tuition firm at least 5 years and you’ve earned an excellent reputation / have a reasonable social media presence and a strong ‘personal brand’.  You’ll know your subject and the professional exams you train, like the back of your hand.  You’ll probably have your own notes on your chosen subject, as the notes provided by others don’t quite fit your training approach / give adequate value to your students.  Perhaps you’ll be feeling limited by the standardised approach of the big providers.  Mosf all, you want to run your own ‘best in class’, innovative course / capitalise on your experience and reputation.

What we do

We take care of your eLearning IT / act as your collection agent, providing:

  • a ‘study site’ using Moodle.  For Moodle’s functionality, see here.  Moodle is used by many Universities, so will be familiar to many of your potential students.  It is designed for easy use by tutors.  You’ll barely scratch the surface of it’s potential, which stretches from simple hosting of pdf docs and videos to gamification, quizzes and the like.
  • basic IT support to your students to access your courses.
  • eLearning support to you, particularly in your first couple of seasons.  We’ll help you with hardware choice, video recording and editing, course structuring, product development etc. etc.
  • an eCommerce site with auto enrolment on your Moodle course via Stripe / auto-notification to you of all sales. Your courses are delivered under our standard student terms and conditions, which includes a standard complaints procedure.
  • collection of student feedback for your courses
  • an arbitration service in case of conflict between you and a student (this is a rare event, but when it happens we have a 100% success rate)
  • a personal presence via your tutor page / product pages

We are registered as an Approved Learning Partner with the ACCA, and perform the required administrative and quality control functions needed to retain that accreditation.

What we don’t do

We do not market on your behalf.  FME is designed for independent tutors wishing to build their own brand / retain their own IP / offer top quality tuition with minimal interference. We can share information on how to market, and we often co-ordinate collective marketing by tutors who use our services.

We don’t tell you how to teach.  We know every top tutor is unique, so we encourage you to innovate and do what you do best.  You must achieve ACCA accreditation targets, where relevant.

Our prices

Setting up your first online course involves heavy investment and a steep learning curve, so for an agreed initial period we’ll give you free advice on your training options, course configuration options, hardware needs and detailed delivery choices.  We’ll help you set up your first season’s courses for free, which includes helping you create your tutor page, product pages and moodle courses, and helping produce your training videos.  If you choose to run webinars, then we’ll offer you a couple of practice asessions and attend tyour first live webinar to deal with technical issues where possible (depending on your webinar software) and give feedback afterwards, free.

We charge:

  • 10% of your class fees, assuming you meet minimum revenue / marketing criteria (it’s in nobody’s interests for you not to market or fail to make sales),
  • at cost, any direct costs you incur via us: primarily Stripe collection fees,
  • for other services (such as setting up products / moodle courses / video hosting / manual purchase interventions) at £20 per service (i.e. per product page / moodle course / topped, tailed and hosted video / per manual intervention), once you are outside any introductory offer,
  • an agreed fee for tailored work such as extensive video editing: we have a close relationship with a TV production company if needed.

Student data/invoicing: Once your course goes live, you are auto emailed each booking immediately.  You have access to the names and emails of all students enrolled on your courses, and are responsible for VAT/issuing VAT invoices (where relevant) to your students.  We issue students a non-VAT auto-invoice on your behalf and provide you with monthly statements.  We remit what is due to you 10 days after the end of the calendar month in which your course ends.

Your prices

We offer a low-cost hosting and support service so you can contract with your students directly / undercut the major brands. Equally, FME tutors should offer a top, responsive service to students, which is impossible to do ‘on the cheap’.

Other Services

Moodle Support: We can help you manage your courses / help you utilise the more subtle parts of Moodle / duplicate courses /  set up quizzes, progress bars, chat rooms etc.
Webinars:  If you want us to continue to offer ongoing technical support / assistance during your webinars then we offer this as an additional service. 
Video: recording, editing and hosting.  We can:
  • record live classes live, or help you do this yourself, including ‘green screening’ in the classroom
  • ‘green screen’ studio quality training videos at our Reigate Studio,
  • edit (‘slice and dice’/add text/intro/logos etc) your videos/webinars,
  • create video question banks, video text books etc.,
  • our sister company, Alleycats Films, can create marketing/broadcast quality content.


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