CertITM: Online Study Package (partially available)


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Please note: this product was offered to support the old ACT syllabus.  No further webinars are offered should you buy this product: dates are shown below to illustrate the format of the original course.

Individual or small group webinar support can still be purchased here.

Webinars, SD/HD lectures, tests and mock exams provide a focused course to get you through CertITM quickly and efficiently.

  • Tuition / revision lectures: Full high definition recordings of past London classes; 5 day tuition (5 days), 5 day revision and 2 day revision.  Over 100 hours of indexed lectures.
  • Recordings of past seasons equivalent courses delivered by 3 different tutors.
  • Two webinars, each of up to 2 hours
  • pdf’s of the London Classroom Notes and the Question Bank
  • Online extended video Question Bank with over 3,000 questions (1,800+ unique), and including:
    • CertITM exam questions since the April 08 pilot exam (past questions no longer relevant to your current syllabus have been deleted)
    • approx 1/3 of the hardest question solutions contain one or more video clips of tutors debriefing those questions
    • 59 resource level online tests, one test per ACT resource, each with 20 – 40 questions, so you ‘learn by doing’ within your initial learning
    • 27 unit level online tests of 20 – 30 questions each designed to test your understanding unit by unit
    • 16 timed online exams, each of 90 – 100 questions; only questions still relevant to your syllabus are included
  • Progress bars to tell you how far you have got in completing these practice tests and exams, as well as a summary of your best score on each
  • MP4/HTML5 video accessible via PC, Mac, tablets and phones given suitable players via a web connection
  • Access to your course is available until one week after the date of the exam for the season you enrol for
  • Unless you ask otherwise, we allocate students to small ‘study groups’ of 2 or 3 students each to facilitate mutual support in your studies.
  • Webinar dates (all at 5pm (17:00) UK time):

    Saturday 20 February 2016
    Saturday 05 March 2016
    Saturday 19 March 2016

For a screenshot of the course index please click here. Please then click on the image to enlarge it. For a video ‘run through’ of our ‘Study Site (our Online Learning Management Stystem) please see the sample video tab on this page.

A discounted price is available to:

  • students enrolled on the FME CertITM Online Study Package last season
  • bursary students
  • students attending ACT ITM London classroom courses this season

Please contact mark@fmetraining.com for details.

Additional information

Access period

30 days

Sample video

  • introduction to the learning management system

  • sample tuition class video

Student comments

Comments from past CertITM online students: We now use Survey Monkey to ask students for their views on courses. We publish their comments, unedited and in full, via these links:

April 2016 exam (23 students enrolled): via this link

October 2015 exam (28 students enrolled): via this link

April 2015 exam (23 students enrolled): via this link

October 2015 exam (22 students enrolled): via this link

Typical student comments:

“I would highly recommend the On-line question bank with videos”

“The FME materials make studying/revising more manageable. I would recommend it to all students sitting the exam on top of a demanding full-time job.”

“I would suggest to all future students to make use as much as they can of the on-line question bank (without doing this, it is quite impossible to pass the ITM exam!) …and to view the videos even if they think that they know well the subject matter. The videos give confirmation or a new/different prospective on the subjects. At the same time, they increase your self confidence. We are here to learn things that are quite new for us …otherwise, what should be the point?”

We also seek feedback from students who have used similar CertITM products or courses: October 2015 exam:

Students attending ACT classes who accessed recordings of those classes

Students usually attending ACT classes who paid to access our online test and exams

October 14 exam

Students attending ACT revision classes given access to class recordings and online practice exams

Students attending ACT tuition classes given access to class recordings and online resource level tests

Students attending both ACT tuition and revision classes with access to all materials

Course screen shot