Mark Ingram

Mark Ingram

FCT, FCA, MSc Mark is currently the owner and operator of FME Training Pty Ltd.

Mark has trained toward ACT, CFA, ICAEW, ACCA, CIMA, and CISI professional exams since 1994.  He is a former examiner for a UK professional finance body, a marker for five different papers for two different UK professional finance bodies, an author for ACT and ACCA, former lead BPP London tutor for ACCA and CIMA final level financial management papers, a University lecturer in Australia and London, an Executive Producer for a film company, and a London Borough Councillor for 8 years. He has always combined work with charitable activity and is currently treasurer for the The Joseph Rotblat Memorial Trust and a trustee of  Transformation Powerhouse.

From 1998 – 2016 Mark led the FME team in the delivery of the AMCT tuition program for the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT), training Corporate Finance and Funding, Risk Management, Liquidity Management, and International Treasury Management.  As part of this commitment, he was on both the AMCT and ITM exam boards, and was chief examiner for the ACT’s Liquidity Management and International Treasury Management qualifications.

Mark has a passion for student-centered, high quality learning, and believes this is best delivered by passionate tutors with ownership of and responsibility for their own courses: FMElearnonline is Mark’s initiative.

Since 2021 Mark has lived in Perth, Australia with he and his wife Indrani moved from the UK.  There they care for Indrani’s 95 year old mum.  He and Indrani previously lived in Reigate, UK.

Statement on behalf of FME Learn Online concerning the war in Ukraine

FME Learn Online tutors are each independent of FME Learn Online, and nothing in this statement seeks to speak for them.

My thoughts are with those in Ukraine who are suffering in this war. As I opposed the Iraq war, so I oppose this invasion. I hope for an immediate ceasefire and the use of diplomatic mechanisms to resolve outstanding issues. 

I believe that building bridges between individuals and civil society can play an important role in preventing the alienation of each side to the other, and can foster space for the peace that must inevitably follow war.

I am committed to supporting all FME Learn Online students and tutors to make a positive contribution through teaching and learning to the profession and to society, wherever they may be. I am prioritising support for those caught up in this conflict.

FME Learn Online will adhere to Australian government sanctions designed to bring this war to a close.