About FME Learn Online

FME is dedicated to offering you innovative, effective online learning. FME have long believed that good online learning gives you the freedom to learn when and where you want, as well as reducing our collective carbon footprint.  FME works with only the best tutors to ensure your online learning experience is efficient and effective in preparing you for your chosen exam. We work hard to align the interests of the tutor with your interests as a student: each tutor is an independent business with their own brand and approach.  FME works closely with your tutors to maximise their effectiveness.

FME Learn Online is an initiative of FME Training Ltd. We host courses offered by both FME Training and by other independent professional tutors. Our current website, launched in November 2013, offers you a clean and simple menu of financial learning products, enabling you to choose your own path to your professional qualification.

Key dates in our story:
2001: FME Training Ltd started life as the lead tuition company for the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT) from 2001 to 2016.
2006: FME entered the distance learning market with live Treasury webinars, and subsequently recordings, to South Africa.
Early 2010’s: FME develop a very successful online Treasury learning system to support the ACT’s exam system.
2013 Sunil Bhandari ‘piggybacked’ on to the FME platform to offer ACCA training in financial management.
2016: The ACT decided to develop their own ‘in-house’ online learning platform: FME choose not to bid to support that.
(2021: The ACT contract with Kaplan to offer their online learning, thus reverting to their prior model at significantly greater cost / less control).

2016 – 18: various tutors experimented with offering online learning on the FME platform.
2019: Tom Clendon joined FME to offer ACCA SBR
2020: Covid sees a massive increase in both the popularity of online learning, and the number of tutors on FME
2021: FME relocates its administrative offices from the UK to Perth, Australia.
2021: FME becomes a Gold status Approved Learning Provider
2022: The FME business is licensed to FME Training Pty Ltd.  FME Training Ltd becomes semi-dormant
2022: FME tutors offer all ACCA subjects at Applied Skills and Strategic Professional levels


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Bought from FME before?

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