Marina Matyukhina

ACCA LAW (LW) (UK & Int) 

Over the last decade Marina has helped thousands of students pass their ACCA exams, teaching both face-to-face and online classes. She worked as a senior lecturer at Kaplan Financial China (currently KB Financial China) for 7 years and taught students from 16 universities, including the top ranked Chongqing University (CQU) and Lanzhou University (LZU). She was privileged to have two ACCA national prize winners among her students.

Marina passed most of her ACCA exams while working at EY as an auditor. She later moved to Deloitte consulting where she was in charge of developing IFRS methodologies for several Russian and global companies.

‘While working at Deloitte, I discovered that my most successful and also rewarding projects were those where I helped people learn and apply new concepts in practice. For example, IFRS standards are the same for all companies, but what exactly the accountants do on a daily basis and at the end of each reporting period may vary significantly in different industries.

When an opportunity to teach ACCA part time emerged, I was excited to give it a try. Then another full-time opportunity came up, and shortly afterwards I found myself in China.’

Marina tailors her approach to the individual student or group needs. She uses clear-cut illustrations and real-life examples to explain any complex topic.

‘As a tutor, I learn something new every day. Not only because the syllabus changes, but also because I realise that what I don’t know (and what can benefit my students!) is immensely bigger than what I know, keeping my own version of Umberto Eco’s antilibrary. For example, in China I enjoyed learning how to explain microeconomics using the moto taxi market, illustrating internal controls using the university systems and procedures, and making jokes about hotpot.’

For FME Marina has built a comprehensive ACCA LW course, which includes her WhatsApp support, quizzes and a mock exam.



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