Jo Tuffill’s ACCA PM Course Comparison


Course Content

The Platinum Package

Tuition Course

Revision Plus Course

Full Tutor Support
Introductory meet up with Jo
High quality HD videos
Course Notes (blank and annotated)
Kaplan Online Textbook
OTQ Quizzes
Marked Tuition Homework Questions
ACCA articles and YouTube videos
End of Tuition Mock
Tutor led structured revision
Revision HD videos
Revision Notes (blank and annotated)
Kaplan Online Revision Kit
Selected PM Exam questions with HD videos
Constructed Response Mini Exams
Revision OTQ tests
Revision OTQ Quizzes
Self Study questions
End of Revision Tests
36 hours of Questions
Pre-mock question practice
Jo’s specifically created timed PM 2 mocks on the ACCA CBE practice platform
Video debriefs of the mock exam questions
Your scripts marked
Jo’s guidance on final preparation
Key ACCA articles and examiner’s reports
Access to extra mocks

The Platinum Package meets ACCA Approved Learning Partner requirements