All our tutors are highly experienced with many years and even decades behind them in their own specialist fields. Each one has their own style and format of learning. With multiple tutors teaching the same subject, you have the freedom to choose which teaching style will best suits you. This way you will be able to progress swiftly and effectively through your chosen career path.

If you are pursuing ACCA studies then you will be in good hands. FME is an ACCA Platinum Online Approved Partner.  This designation applies to our Platinum Package courses only.  Whilst we also offer Revision, Mock and other products, to get the best from our Tutors you are recommended to book a Platinum Package course.

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When you first access our Study site (click on ‘study site’ at the top of the page and log in using your registered name and password) you will need to scroll to the bottom of your user account and complete the compulsory fields under ‘ACCA data’.  This is needed if you wish to use our area of the ACCA CBE practice site.  If you are not an ACCA student, or don’t need to use the ACCA CBE practice site, simply enter 0 in these fields.


Bought from FME before?

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