Tom Clendon’s Platinum Package (Tuition + Revision + Mocks + Pass Assurance)


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I am proud to introduce you to my ACCA SBR Platinum Package (with Pass Assurance).  This course comprehensively deals with every phase of your study, and provides all the study material and support you need to prepare you for your SBR.

In summary this course gives you:

  • a tuition phase that teaches you the technical knowledge needed for this exam, including where relevant “assumed” knowledge from FR.
  • a revision phase for the whole month pre the exam to revise your technical knowledge and master your exam technique.
  • a course that has been updated to reflect the latest changes to the exam introduced from September 2023.

Why don’t you look at the tabs above and watch a sample video, see examples of my marking and feedback, and see a screen shot of my whole course.

Key features of the Platinum Package

The Platinum Package is Tom’s top selling course, giving you maximum support for your SBR studies. The Platinum Package includes:

  • Nine assignments to submit for marking and feedback. Tom’s super detailed feedback will help you score more marks.
  • Two original mock exams set on FME’s area of ACCA’s practice platform. Marked with super detailed feedback.
  • 24/7 WhatsApp support. Tom’s fast responses to your questions helps to keep your studies on track.
  • Focus notes, covering all of the knowledge you need to pass your SBR exam
  • Interactive videos to keep you engaged and motivated.
  • Exam technique guidance. Tom shows you the best way to approach each type of SBR exam question with detailed demonstration videos.
  • Marking exercises to build your understanding of how your SBR exam is graded.
  • Structured study plan, with regular check-ins from Tom to make sure you are progressing.
  • Three live zoom sessions. Kick off. Mid mock review. Wrap up.
  • Quizzes to test your knowledge.
  • Includes material on FRS102 for those choosing the UK or Irish variant.
  • Pass assurance* in case you need to re-sit.
  • Flexible payments option, allowing you to spread the cost of your studies.
  • Free deferral* to the next exam sitting. Start studying SBR while you wait for your previous exam results. If results don’t go your way, you can defer SBR to the next sitting.

The course is designed such that you can COMMENCE STUDYING AS SOON AS YOU ENROL and is available until the date of the exam you book for.

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I look forward to helping you pass your SBR exam!

Tom Clendon

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* Please see the T&Cs box on this page.

The descriptions above are indicative of what you will receive if you enrol on this course, but not an undertaking to deliver a certain number of contact hours. The contents / structure of this course are constantly evolving, and Tom therefore reserves the right to make changes where he believes this will increase your chances of passing.

Additional information

Exam date

September 2020, December 2020, March 2021, June 2021, September 2021, December 2021, March 2022, June 2022, September 2022, December 2022, March 2023, June 2023 payment in full £997, June 2023 First Instalment £397, June 2023 Second Instalment £300, June 2023 Third Instalment £300, September 2023 payment in full £997, September 2023 First Instalment £397, September 2023 Second Instalment £300, September 2023 Third Instalment £300, December 2023 payment in full £997, December 2023 First Instalment £397, March 2024 payment in full £997, March 2024 First Instalment £397, Second Instalment £300, Third Instalment £300

Course walkthrough

Sample videos

Sample revision video: question debrief

Free sample course elements!

Marking examples

Tom is a passionate believer in setting you assignments and then marking them with detailed feedback. That way you gain validation on your progress and can improve. In the tuition phase of the course, there are now seven individual assignments – including two on group accounts that require you to manipulate a pre-populated spreadsheet. In the revision phase there are four individual assignments and two full mock exams set on ACCA’s practice platform.

Student feedback

“It was undoubtedly the expert feedback on my mocks that pushed me over the 50 mark. Sticking to time and attempting all questions was so key! – and I reckon this approach will work with the other exams I am yet to take.” – Melissa

Student testimonials

WhatsApp. It’s a great way to communicate directly with Tom and to get personal support.

“I just wanted to say thank you for always being there and answering my questions so promptly. You have been so motivating. I didn’t think I could do online tuition but you have changed that. All your voice notes videos podcasts are so helpful as well.” – M

Mock exams. Doing my original mock exams on ACCA’s practice platform and getting them marked with feedback, is an integral part to your success.

“The debriefs videos of the mock exams were key for me. I work two jobs and care for my father so I really appreciated the flexibility of online and the clarity of Tom’s explanations.” JP

Payment by instalments

Conditions for Payment by Instalments

You can enrol now by paying the instalment payment (choose the first instalment payment drop down for your chosen exam), and then making further payment of the balance due to buy your course.  You will be enrolled within 24 hours of your initial payment, and usually immediately.

Your second payment must be made by 15th of the month following your initial payment.  E.g. if you enrol on 26 March  you must make your second payment by 15 April, and your third instalment by 15 May.  Your second instalment and third instalment is made using the drop down menu above, in the same way as your first instalment. You must complete all payments for your course by 15th of the month before your exam.

If you are unable to make subsequent payment(s) by the agreed due date(s) then you should speak to Tom urgently.   If you do not pay an instalment by the due date your enrolment will lapse and you will need to enrol afresh to gain access to your course, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

A course is available for ‘Payment by instalments’ only if the First Instalment for that exam is available.  Making a second or third instalment payment before making a first instalment payment will result in your payment being held as a downpayment against a subsequent course with this tutor.  If you ask for such funds to be returned then we can do so, but will deduct the bank collection fees paid and an admin fee of £20.


Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that apply to all FME courses can be found at the foot of each FME website page.  These additional terms and conditions refer only to this course.

1. HD Videos can be streamed to your PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone (technology permitting) and can be watched as many times as you wish prior to your exam sitting.

2. Your questions and queries submitted by WhatsApp will be directly answered.  The joint WhatsApp group will involve revealing your contact details to other students. The exchange of copyright materials between students (by any means), or any attempt by a student to obtain such materials from another student, will lead to exclusion from the course.

Pass Assurance scheme

I am confident that completing this course should get you a pass in ACCA SBR. BUT, if you are not successful and have met the scheme conditions, either you will be enrolled on the Platinum Package for the next SBR exam or I will refund your fee (at my option). 

To qualify for re-enrolment in the Platinum Package course (excluding the pass assurance element) leading to the next available SBR exam you must meet all of the following conditions:

  1. You must engage in the course and submit assignments and mocks for marking.
  2. You score at least 40% in the actual exam for which your course prepares you.
  3. You must provide FME with all necessary information in time for FME to register you with ACCA’s results service, and agree to share this information with ACCA.
  4. You must email me a copy of your ACCA result and request re-enrolment under this Pass Assurance Scheme within one week of receiving your results.

Deferral policy

If you wish to defer your course enrolment to the subsequent exam sitting, please make any deferral request by WhatsApp to Tom Clendon. If granted there will be no charge. Once ACCA’s exam entry date has passed it is unlikely your request will be granted.

Any second deferral is also at Tom Clendon’s discretion and will be charged at 50% of the current course fee.

Progression to Revision

Progression to revision is contingent on adequate progress in tuition. If, in your tutor’s opinion, you are not making adequate progress on your tuition course then you will not be enrolled on revision. Instead, you will be deferred to the tuition course supporting the next exam sitting.  If this scenario repeats in the following sitting, then you will remain on the tuition course until that sitting’s exam, at which point your enrolment on the course will end with no fee remission.