ACCA AFM Sunil Bhandari’s VNW (Videos, Notes, WhatsApp) Tuition Course





The ACCA AFM VNW Tuition Course: CBE – combines pre-recorded lectures covering the whole ACCA AFM syllabus along with dedicated and specifically written class notes and WhatsApp support. The notes include exam standard illustrations so right from the outset you get used to seeing the standard you have to ultimately achieve to pass ACCA AFM CBE.

This is ‘old fashioned teaching’ at its best: lectures + tuition support. Each of the 24 AFM topics has its own tab with a focused, newly recorded tuition video and class notes. You’ll get a thorough grounding in the knowledge base of AFM, with access to Sunil Bhandari when needed.  Sunil prides himself in giving you rapid and effective support via WhatsApp, so you know your queries will be answered by the author of your notes / recorder of your videos.   The course is designed such that you can COMMENCE STUDYING AS SOON AS YOU ENROL.

We are offering this course at a super-low price to give you a chance to experience the benefits of disintermediation in the training space first hand: excellence at a low price.  We are confident that having experienced this VNW tuition course you will choose to book some form of revision and/or mock AFM course to complete your studies.  No deferral of this course is possible.

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Course content

NEW Tuition HD Videos24 High quality tuition videos, averaging 2 hours each, presented by Sunil where the entire AFM syllabus is lectured on a topic by topic basis. (*1)
Tutor written, Completed, Exam Focused Course NotesCompleted course notes (PDF format) accompany each tuition video and include exam standard illustrations, which are initially fully explained and then presented using the ACCA’s CBE ‘spreadsheet’ software.
Tutor SupportSunil will provide full tutorial support as close to ’24/7′ as possible via WhatsApp (*2)
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Additional information

Exam date

CBE Sept 2020, CBE Dec 2020, CBE March 2021, CBE June 2021, CBE September 2021, CBE December 2021, CBE March 2022, June 2022, September 2022, December 2022



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Student Comments

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Course t&c's

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that apply to all FME courses are at the foot of each FME website page.  These additional terms and conditions refer only to this course.

(*1) HD Videos can be streamed to your PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone (technology permitting) and can be watched as many times as you wish prior to your exam sitting.

(*2) WhatsApp support will be via a dedicated WhatsApp group, which will involve revealing your contact details to other students. Sunil will answer questions that relate to tuition materials, but not questions that relate to the revision phase or past exam questions not included in the tuition course. Sunil will also help guide your study approach.  Mutual student support is encouraged, but student answers to technical questions are not: this is not an exercise in ‘the blind leading the blind’.  The exchange of copyright materials between students (by any means), or any attempt by a student to obtain such materials from another student, will lead to exclusion from the course. Membership of the group WhatsApp may be suspended or withdrawn should you behave inappropriately.  This WhatsApp group will run from the date you enrol until the end of the month approximately 6 weeks before your exam.