ACCA ATX (UK) Richard Poole’s Platinum Package



The ACCA ATX (UK) Platinum Package is Richard’s ultimate and most comprehensive ACCA ATX course. It incorporates all you need to ensure you are ready to pass ACCA ATX. This package enrols you on Richard’s Tuition, Revision and Mock courses, and includes the latest Kaplan Study Text and Exam Kit (as ebooks).

Richard will be personally available every step of your journey with WhatsApp support.  Right from the outset you get used to seeing the standard you must ultimately achieve to pass ACCA ATX.

Your course opening date depends on your exam date. The tuition phase opens on 31st of Jan (for June exam)/ 1st April (for September exam) / 1st July (for December exam) / and 1st  October (for the March exam).  Don’t worry if you plan to enrol after this: Richard can create a plan for you once enrolled.

Tuition phase:  Richard's 29 chapter video-lectures use the latest Kaplan Integrated Workbook (NOT the Study Text, which is overly detailed). On average, every 5 chapters you get to submit a question to Richard for marking and feedback. This is key to consolidating knowledge throughout the tuition phase.

Revision phase*: concentrates on past exam standard question practice using the ACCA CBE practice platform.  You will see Richard work 26 past exam questions on the ACCA CBE software. These questions are split into Section A and Section B questions in line with the new syllabus structure. Richard guides you carefully through the revision course over a three-week period. At the end of each of the weeks you submit a question on the CBE software to Richard for marking and feedback.

The philosophy here is that the best way to teach exam technique is a combination of seeing Richard work exam questions – hearing his thought processes as he translates the requirements and identifies what is required – and working questions yourself.

*Progression to your revision plus course is contingent on adequate progress in tuition.  If, in my opinion, you do not make adequate progress on your tuition course then you will not be enrolled on revision.  Instead you will be deferred to the subsequent sitting tuition course under the t&cs (shown in the t&cs tab above).

Mock phase:  is the finale of the Platinum Package. On this phase, you will attempt two full mock exams. Having had your homework marked during the revision phase, you'll now know what the exam technique required to maximise the marks are.  Your worked exam script is marked to the real exam standard, giving you invaluable feedback (as written and audio comments).  In recent sittings, the average increase in student marks between the first mock and the last mock was 15%!

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Course content:

NEW Tuition HD Videos 29 Chapters, using Kaplan notes, broken down into 30+ high quality tuition video lectures, averaging 1 hour each presented by Richard where the entire ACCA ATX syllabus is lectured on a topic-by-topic basis. (*1)
Annotated Kaplan Integrated WorkbookAnnotated course notes (PDF format) accompany each tuition video and include exam standard illustrations.
Kaplan Online Study TextThe Kaplan study text is a market leader for ACCA Advanced Tax.  Richard’s lectures follow this text closely, emphasising those aspects most relevant to your ACCA exam.
Specified Tuition Homework Questions from Kaplan's text relevant to your ACCA exam, carefully selected to match the topics studied to date.
End of Tuition Mock Exam and solutionsA  Kaplan mock exam to be attempted prior to the start of the revision phase.  Submissions are marked to ACCA ATX exam standard.
Tuition mock feedbackA 2 minute video just for you discussing your performance on your End of Tuition mock exam.
Articles  – All Relevant exam articlesAll official ACCA articles relevant to each topic are linked to that topic - so you cover everything on a topic at the same time, and it's all easy to find and read.
Kaplan Online Exam KitThe latest version of the Kaplan online Revision Kit containing past ATX exam questions. (*3)
Revision approachRichard will demonstrate by video how to attempt complete ATX exams by taking you through real exam questions covering the core areas in the ATX syllabus using the ACCA CBE practice platform.
Final Mock (Q+A)Two Kaplan ATX revision mock exams
Final Mock markedSubmissions will be marked to exam standard by Richard, an experienced professional body marker
Richard's Exam tipsRichard's Exam Tips, for your exam, split between theory and computation topics.
Final mock feedbackA 2 minute video just for you discussing 'the good, the bad and the indifferent' of your final mock script. Tough love when you need it most.
Tutor Support inc WhatsApp GroupRichard will provide full tutorial support via all modes – WhatsApp, email, text, etc.(*2)
Pass AssuranceRichard is confident that completing this course should get you a pass in ACCA ATX.  BUT, if you are not successful and have met the scheme conditions (see t&cs tab), either you will be enrolled on the Platinum Package for the next ATX exam (excluding updated Kaplan materials and the pass assurance element) or I will refund your fee (at my discretion).

(*1) HD Videos can be streamed to your PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone (technology permitting) and can be watched as many times as you wish prior to your exam sitting.

(*2) WhatsApp support will be via a dedicated WhatsApp group, which will involve revealing your contact details to other students. The WhatsApp group is for Richard to answer your questions: it is not an exercise in the ‘blind leading the blind’. Mutual student support is encouraged, but the exchange of copyright materials between students (by any means), or any attempt by a student to obtain such materials from another student, will lead to exclusion from the course. Formal student support will end one week before your exam date.

(*3) We order electronic copies of the text on request post enrolment. The descriptions above are indicative of what you will receive if you enrol on this course, but not an undertaking to deliver a certain number of contact hours. The contents / structure of this course are constantly evolving, and Richard therefore reserves the right to make changes where he believes this will increase your chances of passing.

Have a question? Please click here or contact me by WhatsApp on +44 7779 620733

Additional information

Exam date

December 2020, March 2021, June 2021, September 2021, December 2021, March 2022, June 2022, September 2022, December 2022, March 2023, June 2023, September 2023, December 2023, March 2024, June 2024, September 2024, December 2024

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Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that apply to all FME courses can be found at the foot of each FME website page.  These additional terms and conditions refer only to this course.

Free Repeat Guarantee terms and conditions:

    1. You must complete all the tuition and revision course work. This means watching the videos, reviewing the questions suggested and submitting the homework questions.
    2. You must score at least 30% on each submitted revision question you attempt and on your mock exam
    3. You must score at least 40% in the actual ATX exam for the sitting in question
    4. You must provide FME with all necessary information in time for FME to register you with ACCA’s results service, and agree to share this information with ACCA.
    5. You must email me a copy of your ACCA result and request re-enrolment under this Pass Assurance Scheme within one week of receiving your results.

Progression to Revision:

Progression to revision is contingent on adequate progress in tuition. If, in your tutor’s opinion, you are not making adequate progress on your tuition course then you will not be enrolled on revision. Instead, you will be deferred (once only) to the tuition course supporting the next exam sitting.  If you do not make adequate progress in that tuition course then you will not be enrolled on revision in that season, but will remain on your tuition course for the rest of that exam season.

Deferral policy

    • Please make any deferral request by email or by What’sApp to Richard Poole
    • There is a £40 admin fee
    • You can only defer once: no subsequent deferral allowed
    • Deferral is not allowed once the standard exam entry date for the relevant exam has passed