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I am proud to introduce you to my ACCA APM: Platinum Package (with a Free Repeat Guarantee*).  This course comprehensively deals with every phase of your study, and provides all the study material and support you need to prepare you for your APM exam.

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March 2021, June 2021, September 2021, December 2021, March 2022, June 2022, September 2022, December 2022, March 2023, June 2023, September 2023, December 2023 payment in full £947, December 2023 First Instalment £347, March 2024 payment in full £947, March 2024 First Instalment £347, Second Instalment £300, Third Instalment £300

Sample tuition video

Sample revision video

Instalment conditions

Conditions for Payment by Instalments

You can enrol now by paying the instalment payment (choose the first instalment payment drop down for your chosen exam), and then making further payments of the balance due to buy your course.  You will be enrolled within 24 hours of your initial payment, and usually immediately.

Your second payment must be made by 15th of the month following your initial payment.  E.g. if you enrol on 26 March  you must make your second payment by 15 April, and your third instalment by 15 May.  Your second instalment and third instalment is made using the drop down menu above, in the same way as your first instalment.  You must complete all payments for your course by 15th of the month before your exam.

If you are unable to make subsequent payment(s) by the agreed due date(s) then you should speak to me urgently.   If you do not pay an instalment by the due date your enrolment will lapse and you will need to enrol afresh to gain access to your course, unless there are exceptional circumstances.

A course is available for ‘Payment by instalments’ only if the First Instalment for that exam is available.  Making a second or third instalment payment before making a first instalment payment will result in your payment being held as a downpayment against a subsequent course with this tutor.  If you ask for such funds to be returned then we can do so, but will deduct the bank collection fees paid and an admin fee of £20.


Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that apply to all FME courses can be found at the foot of each FME website page.  These additional terms and conditions refer only to this course.

The descriptions above are indicative of what you will receive if you enrol on this course, but not an undertaking to deliver a certain number of contact hours. The contents / structure of this course are constantly evolving, and Geoff therefore reserves the right to make changes where he believes this will increase your chances of passing.

Free Repeat Guarantee terms and conditions:

  1. You must complete at least 75% of the tuition and revision course work. This means watching the videos and viewing the questions suggested and submitting the markable questions. This is measured by the platform automatically and a screenshot can be provided on request.
  2. You must score at least 40% on the submittable revision questions attempted and the mock exam
  3. You must score at least 40% in the actual APM exam for the sitting for which your course prepares you.
  4. You must provide FME with all necessary information in time for FME to register you with ACCA’s results service, and agree to share this information with ACCA.
  5. You must email me a copy of your ACCA result and request re-enrolment under this Pass Assurance Scheme within one week of receiving your results.

‘Free repeat’ means a single free repeat of your revision and mock courses only.

Deferral policy

  • Please make any deferral request by email or by What’sApp to Geoff Cordwell
  • There is a £40 admin fee
  • You can only defer once: no subsequent deferral allowed
  • Deferral is not allowed once the standard exam entry date for the relevant exam has passed

Progression to Revision

Progression to revision is contingent on adequate progress in tuition. If, in your tutor’s opinion, you are not making adequate progress on your tuition course then you will not be enrolled on revision. Instead, you will be deferred to the tuition course supporting the next exam sitting.  If this scenario repeats in the following sitting, then you will remain on the tuition course until that sitting’s exam, at which point your enrolment on the course will end with no fee remission.

Package Contents

Access to Tutor Support*WhatsApp support direct to Geoff Cordwell – your tutor in your pocket
Tuition HD Videos*20 high quality videos all under 90 minutes long, presented by Geoff Cordwell covering the topic in a logical way.  Watch as many times as you like. Pause, rewind – total flexibility.
Complete Tuition Course Notes*Complete course notes, written by Geoff Cordwell, covering the topic in a concise and understandable way.  Includes exam standard illustrations as needed.
Exam Standard Tuition Practice Questions*Either an extract from or an entire past exam question(s) to match the topic covered in the video, with video debrief.
Relevant ACCA Articles*Links to all relevant ACCA articles will be included in the tuition material.  Everything you need to study a topic in one place!
End of Tuition Mock with Video DebriefA specifically created tuition mock to practice your knowledge and skills to be attempted before revision and marked to exam standard so that you know where you are up to.
Kaplan Online Study TextThe latest version of the Kaplan online Study Text for reference and background reading – optional
Revision “Topic in ten” Videos

Videos of key topic reminders and debriefs of past exam questions for all the core areas of the syllabus.

The ten most important points summarised at the end

Revision “Topic in ten” Notes20 chapters, covering all key areas.  Concise, standalone, and totally exam focussed
Top technique videosVideos on key exam techniques are embedded within the course, including application, justification and structure skills.
Time Management ModuleTips on completing questions in time
Embedded requirementsTips on spotting and responding to the embedded requirements
Professional skillsTips on scoring well in professional skills
Kaplan Online Revision KitThe latest version of the Kaplan Online Revision Kit containing past APM real exam and other exam standard questions.
Revision QuestionsHomework questions on key areas, all with my own full pdf solutions and full video debriefs.
Tutor Marked Revision Questions4 Tutor marked questions, with my own pdf solutions and video debrief for each.   Personalised feedback provided with tips for improvement.
Mock ExamAll brand-new questions, written by me, of exam standard.  All core topics and a fair and reasonable test.  Can be sat using paper or to time on the ACCA CBE practice platform (Test Reach).
Mock Exam MarkingYour paper will be marked and returned to you within 4 days of your submission date and feedback given on your performance as to you can improve.  This includes a personal WhatsApp message by me to you on each question of your mock attempt.
Mock Exam Video debriefThe mock exam will be fully debriefed in a video by Geoff Cordwell, including guidance on the questions meaning, an explanation of the answers and tips on how to score more marks.
Final exam guidanceAfter the mock is submitted, I will reveal my final guidance for your exam.
Free Repeat guaranteeThis package includes the security of a free resit of this course (including upgrades, but excluding Repeat guarantee) should you fail provided you meet the minimum completion and standards set during the course (see tab above).


I look forward to helping you pass your APM examination.

Geoff Cordwell

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Comparison of Platinum Package with Geoff’s other courses


Course Content

The Platinum Package

Revision Plus Mock Course

Video Exam Kit (VEK)

Exam Service

Access to Tutor Support*

Tuition HD Videos*

Complete Tuition Course Notes*

Exam Standard Tuition Practice Questions*

Relevant ACCA Articles*

End of Tuition Mock with Video Debrief

Kaplan Online Study Text

Diagnostic knowledge assessment

Diagnostic writing assessment

Diagnostic feedback and advice

Revision “Topic in ten” Videos

Revision “Topic in ten” Notes

Top technique videos

Time Management Module

Embedded requirements

Professional skills

Kaplan Online Revision Kit

Past exam questions: debriefs

Past exam answers: debriefs


Achievable ansdwers to past exam questions


Tutor Marked homework questions


Mock Exam

Mock Exam Marking

Mock Exam Video debrief

Final exam guidance

Free Repeat guarantee