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This ACCA AAA: CBE Revision Course will help you revise for and to pass the 2021 AAA CBE exam.  All learning is directed toward the exam and utilises past AAA exam questions and other questions written by me or sourced by me with four marked CBE questions on the ACCA CBE practice platform, all constructed as ‘mini ACCA exams’, to give you the confidence you need in preparation for the real CBE exam.

Your revision course includes:

• The latest version of the Kaplan on line Revision Kit
• My support via a dedicated WhatsApp group
• 90 diagnostic questions
• Relevant articles and my revision notes
• Video recordings of me debriefing selected questions, often using the ACCA CBE practice platform.
• 4 Homework questions marked and returned with feedback (using the FME area of the ACCA CBE practice platform)
• Over 25 exam standard questions with my answers published and video debriefs with me working through them.

You are enrolled on a course-specific WhatsApp support group as soon as you buy this course.  My revision courses formally open at least 6 weeks before your exam.  Don’t worry if you plan to enrol after these dates: you set your own learning pace once enrolled, although I recommend a minimum of 4 weeks for your revision.

This course assumes you will have covered the ACCA AAA syllabus in a tuition course, ideally introducing you to the CBE environment.

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Have a question? Please click here or WhatsApp Ben on +44 7968 702318

Course content:

Kaplan On Line Revision KitThe latest version of the Kaplan on line Revision Kit containing past AAA exam questions, as well as other exam standard questions. (*3)
Revision videosVideos of Ben debriefing AAA Questions, often using the ACCA CBE practice platform.
Marked Revision Homework QuestionsFour specified questions available to work on the FME area of the ACCA CBE practice platform, and marked to ACCA exam standard by an experienced professional body marker.
Tutor SupportBen will provide full tutorial support via all modes – email, text, WhatsApp (*2) and Skype.

I look forward to helping you pass your ACCA AAA CBE!

Ben Wilson

Have a question? Please click here or WhatsApp Ben on +44 7968 702318

(*1) HD Videos can be streamed to your PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone (technology permitting) and can be watched as many times as you wish prior to your exam sitting.

(*2) WhatsApp support will be via a dedicated WhatsApp group, which will involve revealing your contact details to other students. Students will be assumed to have a reasonable knowledge of the syllabus: Ben will not answer questions that relate to the tuition course. The WhatsApp group is for Ben to support your study approach and answer your questions: it is not an exercise in the ‘blind leading the blind’, so mutual student support is encouraged, but the exchange of copyright materials between students (by any means), or any attempt by a student to obtain such materials from another student, will lead to exclusion from the course. Priority in dealing with WhatsApp groups will be given to Package students. This WhatsApp group will close the day before your exam.

(*3) We order electronic copies of the kit on request post enrolment. The codes for these can take 7-14 days to arrive.

The descriptions above are indicative of what you will receive if you enrol on this course, but not an undertaking to deliver a certain number of contact hours. The contents / structure of this course are constantly evolving, and Ben therefore reserves the right to make changes where he believes this will increase your chances of passing.


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