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Price discounted for enrolments to 31 May 2020

The SBL examination is unlike anything that you have come across in your studies so far! The paper requires candidates to use commercial, professional and ethical judgement to address complex business challenges under time constraints; much as you are expected to do in the real world. The curriculum relies extensively on knowledge from earlier ACCA subjects; including Accountant in Business, Corporate and Business Law, Performance Management, Financial Reporting, Audit and Assurance, and Financial Management, and there is a strong emphasis on ethics and professional skills throughout the syllabus. All relevant topics will be covered using exam standard questions, during the Platinum Revision Course.

This ACCA SBL Platinum Revision Course combines on-demand lectures and notes, ACCA approved Workbooks, access to a private WhatsApp group, articles, and a Mock exam with marking and feedback. Additionally, we will focus strongly on the ACCA’s ‘Professional Skills’ which carry 20% of the marks in the examination.

The course aims to get you through SBL quickly and efficiently.  It merges:

  • Recorded webinars with actual exam question practice; this is an intensive phase where you will work many questions with the tutor. You will follow his thought processes as he translates the question’s requirements and develops a solution.  ​In addition, marked homework questions are included at appropriate intervals, to ensure that you are on track to succeed. This practise will then be consolidated in a Mock Exam which will reflect the tutor’s expectation of topics in the upcoming exam.
  • One-to-one feedback via WhatsApp or Zoom with Ashim on your Mock Exam
  • A standardised approach for tackling any question. This will save you crucial minutes when planning your answer in the exam.
  • Personalised marking service; all answers received by the specified dates, for homework questions and the Mock Exam, will be marked according to the ACCA’s standards and returned with personalised feedback.
  • Access to the tutor by e-mail and WhatsApp group throughout the Revision phase.

Your tutor on this journey is Ashim Kumar, an FCCA who has been training ACCA students, including many prize-winners, since 1992. Ashim has an excellent understanding of the ACCA’s thinking behind this paper and knows what the ACCA expects from you in the exam. His approach will combine solid teaching skill with extensive business experience to prepare you for this very practical examination. Ashim will be with you at each step of the way!

To avoid a last-minute panic, Ashim strongly recommends you start your ACCA SBL Platinum Revision Course no later than 5 weeks before your exam.  Whilst you can buy and enrol on this course now for future diets, the complete course will not be available until after the exam for the previous diet has been sat, approximately 3 months before your chosen exam date.

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Course Content

Video lectures setting up and debriefing SBL specimen and past exams. Each pre-recorded 2-3 hour video will focus on a full ACCA Specimen exam or past paper. We will carefully analyse each requirement and develop answers. Ashim will ask you to attempt questions on your own, before looking at his solution. This approach will address a number of critical requirements for passing the exam. It will:
1. Cover the whole syllabus.
2. Identify areas where you need to focus greater effort.
3. Demonstrate how to maximise marks with the right exam techniques.
4. Show you how the marker awards credit.
5. Give you extensive question answering practice.
Revision homework marking and feedback service All answers to your homework questions, received before the deadline, will be marked, and feedback provided.
BPP on-line Practice and Revision Kit This excellent collection of exam-standard questions covering the entire syllabus, will form the foundation for our question practice. It will be supplemented by past real/specimen exam questions.
End of Revision Mock Examination (ME2) One full Mock Exam will be issued. This exercise will provide the best indication of your preparedness and, the opportunity to fill any gaps. All Mock Exam answer scripts received before the deadline, will be marked and returned with commentary.
One-to-one feedback on ME performance Ashim will arrange a WhatsApp or Zoom call with each student to thoroughly debrief your Mock Exam performance.
Post Revision question and answer pack Key questions to attempt after the end of the revision phase.
Detailed exam technique guidance A very common complaint of examiners is that students, even at the final level, do not display good exam technique; especially when it comes to time discipline. We will learn how to earn those ‘easy’ marks which are available for good technique and could make the difference to our success.
Revision Tutor support Support from Ashim by Whatsapp / Zoom / email from 4 weeks before your exam until the day before your exam.

Key dates (all times are UK local times):

September 2020 December 2020
Revision starts: 7 August 7 November
Revision homework final due date: 14 August 14 November
Mock Exam (ME2)
– Available by: 14 August 14 November
– Submit by: 20 August 20 November
– Returned by: 25 August 25 November
– ME2 feedback Time by arrangement post ME2 submission Time by arrangement post ME2 submission

The descriptions above are indicative of what you will receive if you enrol on this course, but not an undertaking to deliver a certain number of contact hours.  The content / structure of this course is constantly evolving, and Ashim therefore reserves the right to make changes where he believes this will increase your chances of passing.

Additional information

Exam date

March 2020, June 2020, September 2020, December 2020, March 2021, June 2021, September 2021, December 2021

Introductory video

This video introduces you to Ashim Kumar and his SBL products.