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This is so much more than just a Mock Exam.  It’s almost a ‘mini revision course’ (almost, but not quite!  For the real deal you need Sunil’s Platinum Revision Course). Sunil is committed to you passing: so you only get his tips and other key elements of this product IF you work and submit a Mock Exam script for marking. Tough love, but it works.

Support you get in the lead up to the Mock Exam:

  • A list of recommended questions to attempt before the mock exam.
  • What’s App Tutor Support and guidance, by Sunil himself, from the time of enrolment to help with your ACCA AFM Exam Preparation (*1)
  • A specifically created AFM revision mock exam: available on Friday 22nd February 2019

Plus what you get IF you submit a worked mock exam script for marking by Sunday 24th February 2019:

  • Access to Video Debriefs of each of the 3 questions covering the technical aspects and exam technique issues uploaded on 25th February.
  • Your script marked to exam standard by an ACCA AFM marking team member.
  • A 5 minute personal video debrief on your own script: tough love when you need it most!
  • Sunil’s Exam Tips for the March exam, split between theory and computation topics.
  • A list of related key questions for each tipped area.
  • References to key ACCA articles relevant to each tipped area.

The descriptions above are indicative of what you will receive if you enrol on this course, but not an undertaking to deliver a certain number of contact hours.  The contents / structure of this course are constantly evolving, and Sunil therefore reserves the right to make changes where he believes this will increase your chances of passing.

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(*1) WhatsApp support will be via a dedicated WhatsApp group, which will involve revealing your contact details to other students. Students will be assumed to have a reasonable knowledge of the syllabus: Sunil will not answer questions that relate to areas covered on the tuition or revision courses.  The WhatsApp group is for Sunil to support your study approach and answer your questions: it is not an exercise in the ‘blind leading the blind’, so mutual student support is encouraged, but the exchange of copyright materials between students (by any means), or any attempt by a student to obtain such materials from another student, will lead to exclusion from the course.  Priority in dealing with WhatsApp groups will be given to Platinum Package, Tuition and Revision students. The WhatsApp group will close 7 days before your exam.

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December 2018, March 2019, June 2019, September 2019, December 2019

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