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    Strategic case study exams are hard. They take a lot of work and you will need to practise writing out long answers in a way that is both factually correct and persuasive – it’s not enough to be right; you’ve got to look and sound like you know what you’re talking about as well.

    In this course I’ll be addressing these issues in two ways – one, by making sure you have the basics under your belt as far as the technical areas go (pretty straightforward), and then looking at how you can apply that knowledge to the specifics of the scenario. (anything but straightforward!)

    How will we do this?

    First, I’ll be giving you access to a series of videos that recap the main issues of the technical sections. These will make sure you’ve got the key points – it’s a recap, not a reteach, but students find it useful.

    Next, I’ll be providing a series of videos pulling the pre-seen material apart, so that you can see what sort of things the examiner may be likely to ask you about. I’ll show you what technical issues relate to the elements of the pre-seen.

    Then I’ll be sending you a set of material that includes a series of questions to help you see how much of the pre-seen material you’ve actually taken on board. There will also be practise tasks that mimic the sort of questions that the examiner might throw at you in your real exam. I’ll send you videos that show you how I would tackle these questions, so you can start developing your own exam technique, making it more likely that you will pass on the day.

    After that I’ll be getting you to have a go at exams ; you’ll do them and send them to me for marking, and I’ll be able to give you some tailored feedback to help you see what you’re doing well, and more importantly, what you need to improve on.

    Throughout the course, we’ll be in regular contact; I’ll be using a WhatsApp group to set quizzes, ask you about the specifics of the pre-seen and generally keep you on your toes. In turn, you will be able to ask me questions about topics you might be struggling with.

    Finally, in the week before the exams, there’ll be a final video covering any last-minute points and dealing with questions that you might have just before you enter the exam.

    All of this will mean that you are confident and ready to give it your best shot on the day.

    This course is designed to prepare you for the next CIMA sitting of CIMA Strategic Case.  Access to videos, learning materials and tutor support will be until the date of the next CIMA sitting.  If you are preparing for a later sitting then please let Sean O’Leary know before you book your course.

    (*1) HD Videos can be streamed to your PC, Mac, tablet or smart phone (technology permitting) and can be watched as many times as you wish prior to your exam sitting. HD videos play back through Javascript popups – so you must have Java installed and popups enabled to be able to view them.

    (*2) WhatsApp support will be via a dedicated WhatsApp group, which will involve revealing your contact details to other students. Students will be assumed to have a reasonable knowledge of the syllabus: Sunil will not answer questions that relate to the tuition course.  The WhatsApp group is for Sunil to support your study approach and answer your questions: it is not an exercise in the ‘blind leading the blind’, so mutual student support is encouraged, but the exchange of copyright materials between students (by any means), or any attempt by a student to obtain such materials from another student, will lead to exclusion from the course.  Priority in dealing with WhatsApp groups will be given to Platinum Package students. This WhatsApp group will close the day before your exam.

    (*3) We order electronic copies of the kit on request post enrollment.  The codes for these can take 7-14 days to arrive.

    The descriptions above are indicative of what you will receive if you enrol on this course, but not an undertaking to deliver a certain number of contact hours.  The contents / structure of this course are constantly evolving, and Sunil therefore reserves the right to make changes where he believes this will increase your chances of passing.

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