Professional Development


We currently host a number of eLearning professional development (PD) courses and materials delivered by associated tutors and tuition firms.

Professional development courses may be:

  • private courses only available to students already enrolled on a classroom course.  These courses supplement those students’ classroom  experience.
  • private eLearning courses only available to a particular group of students.  If you are interested in such a course, please email for further information.
  • webinar courses available for you to buy only during defined periods: this will be clear from the course.
  • video based courses available for purchase at any time.

Our slate of PD courses are constantly changing, so you will find it worthwhile to regularly visit this page to see what we offer.

Why online learning?  Online learning works for both you and us.  It cuts our costs significantly, allowing us to offer you a first class service at a reduced price.  It also cuts your costs, allowing you to access the best UK trainers without travel and accommodation costs.  But online learning is about more than cutting costs.  Online learning means we can build a learning journey that suits you: webinar classes that can either be bunched or distributed to suit the qualification.  Webinar classes that are recorded, so you can rewind and replay the bits you missed, or did not pick up on the first time.  Quick updates to materials, to ensure what you have is relevant and accurate.

We look forward to welcoming you into our virtual learning world: and to all the rewarding learning that make it so successful.