Are you seeing the following message? Sorry Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here

Possible resolutions:

First, our videos can only be played from within our study site whilst you have an active internet connection.  pdf documents (articles, questions, solutions etc.) can be downloaded, but videos cannot.

Second, videos are either set to play within the same page, or via a Popup.  If the video is set to play within a popup then this will not work within internet explorer: but should work within Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari.

If you still have problems playing a video:

  1. Try changing your browser: as configured, videos set to play within a popup will not play within Internet Explorer.
  2. Try disabling any Flash browser you may have installed (See here for how to do this)
  3. Try going through the Vimeo troubleshooting page here
  4. Disable your Privacy Badger plugin, if you have this installed.
  5. Make sure your browser is set to allow cookies from Vimeo: cookies are the method through which Vimeo checks you have permission to watch the video.  For Firefox see here. For Chrome see here. For Edge see here. For Safari see here.
  6. If you use Firefox, ensure Firefox Browser Referer is turned ON. Turning OFF this setting prevents HTTP requests from giving certain information from your browser to the requesting page. FME videos are hosted by Vimeo and setup to only playback on the FME website. Disabling Browser Referer prevents Firefox from letting Vimeo know that the videos are being watched on FME thus causing the error.
    • Open a new tab and in your URL bar, type “about:config
    • Click “I’ll be careful, I promise!” at the WARNING prompt
    • At the search bar, type “referer“; look for the value “network.http.sendRefererHeader
    • Double click “network.http.sendRefererHeader“, and ensure the value is 2.
    • Close the tab!  (This is critical!)