ACCA SBR ‘We’ve taken the current qualification view of reporting to new levels. Students will get the skills needed to confidently speak the language of business and explain reports to a wide variety of stakeholders.’

The key to passing this exam is to first get a basic understanding of the technical content (The principles of which feed from FR). However, this is not enough to pass. This knowledge then needs to be applied and talked about in a professional, concise, easy to follow format.

The key areas to understand to pass the exam are:-

  • fundamental ethical and professional principles to ethical dilemmas and discuss the consequences of unethical behaviour
  • evaluate the appropriateness of the financial reporting framework and critically discuss changes in accounting regulation
  • apply professional judgment in the reporting of the financial performance of a range of entities
  • prepare the financial statements of groups of entities
  • interpret and advise on the meaning of financial statements that include non-financial data including segmental, sustainability and integrated reports for different stakeholders
  • communicate the impact of changes in accounting regulation on financial reporting.

    Notice the verbs… 5 out of the 6 points are verbal, not computational. This is the key skill that Richard will focus on during revision sessions, once you have got to grips with the technical areas on tuition by drawing on Richard’s many years of experience in Business Reporting.

    Richard has been training for 13 years and has an excellent reputation as a top tutor.

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