Sean Purcell’s ACCA SBL Course Comparison 

Course Content

The Platinum Package PLUS

The Platinum Package

Enhanced Platinum Tuition Course

Enhanced Platinum Revision Course

Platinum Mock Exam Service

Weekly zoom sessions for extra support (Estimated value £500)    
Sean’s dedicated full support including WhatsApp group
Bottle of fine champagne if you win an ACCA prize presented by Sean
Signed photo of Tom Clendon (SBR tutor) if you don’t win the prize
41 x HD video lectures on a topic by topic basis
Regular motivational  videos and emails from Sean personally delivered to your own inbox
If Sean feels you are falling behind personal coaching via phone by Sean – he’s devastated if he does not get 100% pass rate!
Bespoke exercises created by Sean to make you maximise your professional skills marks
Regular email linking current business events in the press to SBL exam topics
ACCA exam questions which you are required to complete to time on ACCA test reach platform just like in the real exam
Kaplan online textbook
Specified tuition homework questions with full video debrief of each one
End of tuition mock exam with Solutions
End of tuition marked mock to professional exam standard with full feedback
Personalised video debrief video of the mock
Articles and videos from ACCA SBL examining team
Kaplan online exam kit
Pre-revision question and answer pack
Video lectures of me debriefing past exam questions
Bespoke marking exercises to see how the markers mark your paper
Marked revision homework questions to be completed on test reach platform
Articles and videos from ACCA SBL examining team on where students make mistakes in SBL
Post revision question and answer packs
Recommended pre-mock questions
Final mock Q&A and related key questions
Final mock debrief and key tips to pass the exam
Mock exam to be completed to time on the ACC a test reach platform just like the real exam
Full marking service with full debrief of your final mock attempt
A list of key questions and articles for each area of exam focus.
Your own five-minute personal video debrief on your mock
Sean’s full dedicated support including WhatsApp group
Pass assurance  – although you should only have to take the exam once! (Estimated value £300)

The Platinum Package meets ACCA Approved Learning Partner requirements