Sunil Bhandari’s ACCA AFM Course Comparison


Course Content

Platinum Package PLUS
Platinum Package
Revision PLUS
VEK (Video Exam Kit) PLUS
Mock Exams Service
Personal study plan based on your enrolment date 
Marking of all tuition homework questions and detailed feedback 
Scheduled Zoom session to provide for extra support 
24 x Tuition HD Video Lectures on a topic by topic basis.
Tutor Written Completed Exam Focused Course Notes
Kaplan Online Exam Kit (ebook)

Specified Tuition Homework Questions
End of Tuition Test Questions and Answers
End of Tuition Test – Marked & Feedback
Pre-revision Question and Answer pack + Video lectures
NEW Demonstrate, Practice, Mark (DPM) Approach – Topic based question revision video lectures (~40 hours) + Exam based revision video lectures (~ 3 hours)
Annotated Revision Notes
Video Answer Bank
7 Marked/Corrected Compulsory Revision Test Questions
Articles Pack – All Relevant exam articles
Dealing with Analysis and Evaluation – ‘How To Notes’
Dealing with Scepticism and Acumen – New Theory Pack
‘CBE skills, methods and shortcuts’ document.
‘How to tackle the new Professional Marks’ document.
Post Revision Question and Answer List
Final Mock (Q+A), & related Key Questions.
Final Mock Video debrief + Sunil’s Exam Tips
Your Final Mock attempt Marked & Feedback
Tutor Support, including WhatsApp Group
Second Mock Exam available   


Pass Assurance







The Platinum Package and Platinum Package Plus courses meet ACCA Approved Learning Partner requirements

*The undiscounted estimated value of the Platinum Package is the sum of the values of the Tuition, Revision and Mock courses, plus an estimated value of £200 for the Pass Assurance = £1,541.00
** The undiscounted estimated value of the Platinum Package Plus is the Platinum Package estimated cost plus an estimated value of £500 for the additional services = £2,041.00