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ACCA AFM: “To apply relevant knowledge, skills, and exercise professional judgement as expected of a senior financial executive or advisor, in taking or recommending decisions relating to the financial management of an organisation.”

AFM is one of four Options papers, of which you are required to complete 2 to achieve ACCA membership.  But AFM is also a glimpse into the world of Treasury and Corporate Finance, where the role of the accountant becomes much more forward looking and advisory, and where the accountant can really prove their worth in key business decision making.  Instead of just reporting past transactions the accountant becomes a part of the top-level team making key decisions about the future of the company, whether at the operational, tactical or strategic level: decisions concerning investment management, funding, dividends and risk management.

Sunil writes articles relating to ACCA FM and AFM which are regularly published in the accountancy training press, and has been a marker for 2 UK professional accounting bodies. Sunil Bhandari publishes extensively on ACCA AFM – See the official ACCA AFM Technical Articles written by Sunil here

Sunil also teaches ACCA FM and CIMA F3: see here.

Sunil Bhandari’s Student Testimonials

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I have recently studied FM via Sunil’s online tuition & revision sessions. FM is a subject I find difficult but I have been put at ease since using this platform.

The videos and course material is great. I have found it especially useful that I was able to pause the video to solidify my knowledge before moving on. I have also found it useful that I was able to re watch chapters which I found difficult, a massive advantage to classroom learning! The videos and material is broken down and explained in such a way that it never seemed so daunting as when first reading the chapters.

Sunil has always answered any of my queries in a timely manner and to a standard which has helped me simplify and understand the problems I was having. I have not felt like I have been on my own throughout any of this study phase.


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I have had an excellent experience with Sunil Bhandari. Well-structured tuition videos and revisions videos covering the whole syllabus with basics well explained. Also, with assignments to submit every 3-4 days was the best technique on Test Reach.

Best Computer based experience, test reach (Same software as ACCA) I found myself liking the computer based because I was progressing every step of the revisions. The aid made it a lot easier ?

He exactly knows where our weaknesses are and gives a huge support to the cohort as well as on a 1 to 1 level. I would definitely recommend him to any students wanting to do AFM.


ACCA AFM Platinum Package

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